Where Have I Been?

Holy cow!! What an insane ending 2021 has had. I love, love, love my business, but I have been checked out with a billion things going on. Vegas, wedding, working, riding horses, lame horses, etc. I was wrapped up in so much. My sister got married, my nephew was born, I attended my first National Finals Rodeo, and I started a new job. Sooo, let's catch up. 2021 was wonderful to me and an incredible learning experience, and I have no doubt 2022 is only going to be better.

12.7.21 | 2021 National Finals Breakaway Roping | Round 5-10 | Orleans Arena | Las Vegas, Nevada

12.8.21 | Chancey Williams Concert | South Point Hotel | Las Vegas, Nevada

12.10.21 | Trail Riding around Red Rock Canyon | Las Vegas, Nevada

New Job!

I have worked full-time as a photographer since March/April 2021, but an opportunity I couldn’t pass up came along. Many people wouldn't be surprised I describe my dream job that involves tons of horses and so much knowledge. I spend my workdays choring and riding horses, doing the occasional hauling. Of course, I have some odds and ends on different days, but for the most part that is my day. With this awesome new job came a little less time for my business. In the last 4 months, I’ve been learning to have a little different time management, so galleries took longer to be delivered, social media posts have to be scheduled, and I can’t overbook myself the way I had once been doing. I also am a little further south in Iowa, so I'm not quite the easy 30 minutes from the Des Moines area anymore. But don't worry, I am constantly traveling. Everything in life is possible with a little balance, a lotta hard work, and the occasional sleep deprivation.

12.4.21 | My childhood best friend's wedding. | The Bridal Party

1.4.21 | Brood Mares | Bar Eagle Ranch

2021 Adventures!

In 2021, I did much more traveling than I had ever done before. Whether it be a two-hour trek to Des Moines for a horse show, a 5-hour drive to Wisconsin, or a 3-hour flight to Vegas. I have done more traveling and racked up a lot of miles on my car. I working for TP. Creations Photography at shows like the Iowa Quarter Horse Association Fall Classic & Futurity, and the Iowa Arabian Gold Star Futurity & Fall Classic. I made a few trips to Wisconsin to welcome my new brother-in-law, nephew, and of course, see my sister as well. While it doesn’t seem like much, it was a good amount of traveling for me. But I suspect there will be much more traveling to come in 2022.

12.7.21 | First National Finals Rodeo Experience | Round 6

12.30.21 | Sunrise from work

12.22.21 | Cool 3 year old mare @ Bar Eagle Ranch

What is happening in 2022?

I’ve begun to get in the swing of working my job and staying on top of my business’s work. I have now opened my books for 2022. I will be open to horse shows, jackpots, rodeos, and portrait sessions. While I will be limiting the number of sessions and events I take in 2022, I have no doubt I will still be as busy as ever. I am going to take wonderful photos, build my business, show my horse, and do all of the things that make me the happiest! Of course, this means more traveling and seeing all the things this world has to offer! Check back every Friday for a new blog post!