First Blog Post.... EVER!

I never imagined I would be a girl with a blog. And I bet anyone who knows me would say the same. I figured there wasn't a better way to kick off the Ace High Photography's Blog than a little about me and all the common questions I get asked!

Ace High Photography? Who?

If you checked out the "Get To Know Me!" page you will already know a little about me. For those who haven't, you're about to get to know a lot! My name is Jess and I am the girl behind the camera of Ace High Photography. I started my business in the middle of a pandemic. Yep! You read that right. I started my photography business in November of 2020. I had always enjoyed assisting Tisha Pol at TP. Creations Photography and I always enjoyed being behind than camera way more than in front of it. And then when one of my friends told me I should buy the camera, I took a leap of faith, and now here we are!

I am a Croc wearing, coffee drinking, book reading, picture taking gal. I can often been found with a huge messy bun on top of my head and with crocs on my feet no matter what I'm doing. When I'm not behind the camera for one reason or another, I can be found watching a rodeo, reading a book, riding one of my three horses, or doing homework. I am a Senior at Iowa State University majoring in Agriculture Studies.


While my heart lies in capturing anything, and all things equine: rodeo, a heartfelt session, horse show, barrel race. I love ALLL things equine. But, equine sessions are most definitely not all I do. I capture the occasional maternity session, and a few weddings. I catch a LOT of eager seniors, adorable couples, and of course a loving family! That doesn't mean that is all I do-- I am always down for something wild and crazy.


While I am located in a small town in central Iowa, that isn't where I am limited to working. Building my business has taught me just how much I love adventure, and how much world is out there to see. With that being said, I am always down to travel and see something new. Not anywhere close to central Iowa? Shoot me a message, and we can work around it.

Burning Questions:

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I have had a lot of people who inspired me to both do and be the best I can be. No matter if that be in school, in my business, or with my horses. Among my biggest inspirations is most definitely my grandpa. My grandpa passed away in March of 2017, but he was by far the hardest working man I have ever met. He was diagnosed with cancer, but he continued to work harder than anyone I know. He never shied a task, even if it was with two sassy granddaughters by his side. My grandpa never doubted my abilities, whether he needed me to fix fence or flip a round bale ring. He always believed in me. He never doubted that I could do anything I put my mind to, and that's carried over into everything I do. The confidence he instilled in me gave me the courage to start my business. I can't thank him enough for that.

In another light, I've been pretty blessed with a lot of people who believed in my business. As I mentioned above, I spent a lot of time assisting and helping out Tisha Pol of TP. Creations Photography, and of course- I still do! Tisha has always taken some of the coolest and most bad @$$ portraits. I have always looked up to Tisha, and it means so much to have her in my corner, rooting for me. Tisha has been so much help and guidance since I started my business. Whether it be letting me steal her equipment for a weekend, or giving me a pep talk when I need just a little extra help, she is there constantly. Much like my grandpa, Tisha believes and has the most confidence in me- probably more than I have in myself. It's quite the feeling when someone you have looked up to for so long is rooting for you and your success much as their own.

Why did I start Ace High Photography?

Point blank- Life is short, and it goes by way too fast. Pictures are everything. They are the one thing you can guarantee to pass down for generations to come. I mentioned my grandpa above, and I spent so much time with him, but I learned so much more from the photos of his younger days. I got to know all about his family, even the ones- I didn't get to meet. Beyond getting to know more about my grandpa's life, I get to hear the wild stories that come along with it- like the stories of his wild mules he turned into talented jumping mules. Photos gave me the power to get to know a part of my grandpa's life I never would have even known existed. I want to be able to create those photos that have stories. Photos that can be passed for generations to come. I want value in photos, in memories, and in stories.

What is my favorite photoshoot I've done so far?

I don't know if I could pick one favorite session. I suppose I can pick a handful of favorite photos to share. I've been very blessed to start a business that has been very successful in its first year of operation. I have also been very lucky to continue to grow as a photographer and entrepreneur. Here's to the first of many Ace High Photography Blog Post.

Thanks for stopping by!